Your PC will restart again and load advanced boot options. There will be many options including Safe Mode options, and you will have to use numerical keys or Function keys to select the right option. The minimal Safe Mode is 4th in the list and can be accessed with the numeric key 4 .

  • At launch, much was made of Windows 11’s demanding hardware requirements.
  • In some cases, you can fix this by switching connectors.
  • To remove this restriction Microsoft charges 69.99 over the phone and 100$ in store.

However, when running in safe mode you should be aware that some restrictions are in place. Now, your PC will shut down, and then restart. You will see the black screen page before the Windows load. Now, your Windows Server 2012 powered PC will start in Safe Mode.

“update The Windows 11 Taskbar To Support Dragging And Dropping Files Onto The App Icons To Open Them In

For more up-to-date details, check out our guide to the latest Windows 11 problems and fixes. It’s a nice idea, and after using Windows 11 for over a month, I can tell you that some of the new features incorporated into its design do work well. They give me more tools for managing what I’m paying attention to on my PC, and when. Microsoft is pitching Windows 11 as a safer, more performant Windows that’s simple to use, with a welcoming design that’s meant to make using your PC for work and play easier than ever. If moving from Windows 8 to Windows 10 was a minor revolution, moving to Windows 11 is a refinement.

These updates are small, quick, and don’t require a reboot. You won’t even notice your PC is installing them unless you open the Windows Update page in Settings and are keeping an eye on it. Windows 10 checks for updates once per day. It does this automatically in the background. This one is more of a philosophical problem I have with the “new” operating system.

Pin Internet Explorer To Taskbar In Windows 10

After 24 hours of my rollback screen displaying “restarting” at the top of an otherwise blank blue screen, I did a hard boot and pressed SHIFT+F8 while the PC was rebooting. This time, the display read, “restoring your previous version of Windows” at the bottom of the screen, and within 15 minutes I was booted to the Windows 8.1 login screen. I will research and, once solutions to these issues are posted somewhere, attempt the Windows 10 upgrade again. Throughout the history of Windows revisions, Microsoft has included an option to uninstall the operating system when you upgrade to a newer version. My recollection of this capability goes back to Windows ME which included the option to uninstall the operating system and restore to a previous version of Windows .

After creating your recovery drive, boot your Windows 10 computer with this drive. Now you will see a window asking you to select your desired keyboard layout. Use Excel as normal, then Exit out of the program. Once you start it again , it should run as normal. This is a great way to troubleshoot by disabling any Add Ins or files with issues which may be affecting Excel.

Windows 10 S Mode is a configuration that is designed to give you faster boot times, longer battery life, and better security. However, with Windows 10 S, you can’t use certain web browsers or download any apps that are not in the Microsoft Store. Another way to start PowerPoint in Safe Mode is by running the command with /safe argument. In order to start PowerPoint using this approach, you can click Windows key + R and then enter powerpoint /safe as shown in the screenshot below. The easiest way to start PowerPoint in Safe Mode is pressing CTRL key while PowerPoint is opening.